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  1. Jun 15,  · elevator (plural elevators) Anything that raises or uplifts. , Life (volume 39, page ) And then the foaming flagons raised on high, with that best of all beverages, that elevator of spirits, that foaming sunshine, that grand and glorious brew of ale.
  2. I took the elevator to her office on the fourteenth floor. a moving strip which can be used for taking goods off a ship, putting bags onto an aircraft, etc.: They place the bales onto an elevator that transports them to a shredding mill. (Definition of elevator .
  3. The dopest new hip hop, upcoming artsits, music news, culture, and style.
  4. Jan 20,  · ELEVATOR has a decent set-up: a group of characters are trapped in a stuck lift, and one of them holds a secret that's going to put them into a dangerous situation. It's a clear copy of the recent Shyamalan-produced horror movie DEVIL, except this one's non-supernatural/10(K).
  5. Home Elevator Convenience. Before you sacrifice your multi-story home and move to an apartment, condo or assisted-living facility, learn more about the convenience of a shaft-less home elevator. The elevator can be installed on any load-bearing wall in your home, ensuring you can move easily and safely from floor to floor.
  6. Elevator engineering. tomorrow. together Engineering is part of our identity. It describes how we think. It means we develop and deliver reliable solutions for today and tomorrow. Together, we improve what already works and help you succeed. We are a reliable partner – that is our promise.
  7. The four best home elevator companies are Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators LLC, Easy Climber Elevator, Inclinator Company of America and Savaria. In this guide, you’ll learn about home elevator features and benefits, tips for choosing the best home elevator for your mobility needs and you’ll see individual evaluations of the top companies.
  8. The Schindler A hydraulic elevator is the lowest-cost solution for low-rise buildings. Its holeless design and broad range of offerings is practical yet efficient. Find out more about Schindler A For freight, goods & special requirements.

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